Automatically Update Plex on Ubuntu 14.04+


This guide will show you how to update plex automatically with the new versions that come out, plex pass versions included in the process.

First we need to download the script that will check for a new version of please and update it.


New lets allow it to Execute

chmod +x

 Configure the setting here

echo -e > ~/.plexupdate 'EMAIL=<plex email account>nPASS="<plex password>"nDOWNLOADDIR=/'

The automatic update script is all set now we just need to set a CRON to have it check at the desired interval this example I used Daily at midnight.

Option 1 (EASY) is using Webmin, you can see how to install it in my other post HERE.

Scheduled Cron Jobs

Option 2 (Moderate) CLI add Cron

cron -e

Now add

@daily /home/username/ -a -d

 CTRL+x to save and your all set

Now everyday at Midnight the server will check to see if there is an update and if so update your plex.

My password is rejected even though correct

If you use certain characters, such as dollar sign, in your password, bash will interpret that as a reference to a variable. To resolve this, enclose your password with single quotes instead of the normal quotes.

Ie, PASS="MyP4$$w0rD" will not work, but changing to it to PASS='MyP4$$w0rD' will



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